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Display Consoles

We have an extensive range of digital readout display consoles, including standard LED displays or full colour LCD graphical with menu driven displays . All consoles are feature packed whilst still being cost effective for hobby and model engineering workshops. A PC based DRO interface, that connects via USB to a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop PC is also available.

The consoles come in a selection of single, 2 axis, 3 axis and 4 axis versions. An axis summing interface can also be installed to combine two encoder outputs, for example the quill and knee travel. Our recommendation is to consider future upgrade, a 3 axis console will function with only 2 encoders connected. This would enable an addition of the 3rd encoder or summing device at a later date.

Dedicated consoles are available that offer either mill or lathe functions. Alternatively universal models combine functions for both, allowing for a single console format for the entire workshop that can be transferred between machines.

Please feel free to contact our technical staff for further advice, or to arrange an on-site install by one of our engineers (UK only).

Click here to watch step-by-step videos of how to Measure Machine Sideway Travels on Mills and Lathes for Selecting the Correct Length Encoder

Mills and Lathes

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  1. M-DRO SDS3 1 Axis Digital Readout Display Console

    M-DRO SDS3 1 Axis Digital Readout Display ConsoleDRO-SDS3-1

    Excl. Tax: £114.74 Incl. Tax: £137.69
    M-DRO SDS3-1 Single Axis Display Console


  2. Mini Single Axis Display Console

    Mini Single Axis Display ConsoleDRO-MG-MDU-1X

    Excl. Tax: £68.04 Incl. Tax: £81.65
    Very compact single axis display unit.


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