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Our HIstory

The Allendale Group Ltd works from a 3,500sq ft UK Engineering Offices/Test facilities, The company utilises Offshore manufacturing to reduce the cost of assemblies to UK companies. The company owns its own offices/warehouse facilities in main land China, for stock holding and distribution.

The company was originally founded in Roydon, Essex, during October 2004 we moved to Impresa Industrial Park, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, and our continued success has now lead us to expand further and into larger premises in Hoddesdon Industrial Centre.

A British company, with a head office and engineering department based in the UK, with all Engineering, Testing and Visual Inspection of finished assemblies in our UK facilities.

Allendale's main procurement and assembly is carried out by approved suppliers based in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Eastern Europe. As we are not restricted to a single supplier this enables Allendale to ensure we maintain competitive prices at all times.